About Us

Our Story

It all started when we took a vacation to Park City, Utah, in the summer of 2016. We stopped by the hotel concierge’s desk and asked about activities to do with our 13-year-old son. When she suggested we play an escape room game, our son’s eyes grew wide with excitement. As a young child, he loved playing escape room games on his computer.

We played the Mine Trap escape room game at Escape Room Park City. The backstory: We’re taking a tour of a historic silver mine, when suddenly the mine collapses leaving us trapped. We have 60 minutes to find our way out. If we fail, then we suffocate and die.

We died! But our loss didn’t discourage us from playing more escape room games when we got home. Instead, we were hooked and became escape room junkies.

That is until…we decided to open our own escape room game business on April 1st, 2017. Our first room to open was Area 51—it continues to be one of our most popular escape room games. 

What Customers are Saying?

  • The staff was super nice. We really enjoyed the game way more than expected! Can't wait until next time.
  • From the moment you walk into the location, the design and polish of the themed rooms is evident. The staff is friendly and clearly likes what they do. We had a wonderful evening and plan to be back soon to try another room!
  • Their rooms are incredibly packed with many hints, clues, and keys! When your group finishes, it’s amazing to see how much can be crammed into a relatively small area. My friends and I have done all four of the current rooms and cannot wait for the next one!



From Left to Right

Jesi, Jenny & Bob (Owners), Paula, Maya, Christy

The Boys

From Left to Right

Chris, Yan, Zach, Jacob, Brandon


The A Team

We played the Naval Warfare escape room game at Houston Escape Room for a team building activity. It was the boys against the girls. The boys won. It must have been the shoes.

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