Activities to do With Your Kids

Are you puzzling about what activities you can do with your kids?

As if things weren’t bad enough, now there’s a shortage of jigsaw puzzles just when we need them most.

Paul Stockton, owner of Stockton Jigsaw Puzzles said, “We understand the need. People need puzzles, and they need them now. Unfortunately, our cutting machines running at full capacity can only produce so many.”

We even checked out the availability of puzzles on Amazon and the anticipated arrival dates for most puzzles is May. And that’s with a shipping charge. Ebay also has jigsaw puzzles, but get ready to spend some money there too.

To make matters even worse, craft stores like Joann Fabrics and Michaels are closed. So it’s hard to get craft supplies. Research shows that the act of creating can reduce stress because it takes your mind off things and is a form of self-care. We can also use a bit of daily self-care right now.

So what activities can you do with your kids during this time of social distancing and self-isolation? Read on for some deals going on right now and some apps that are available to play right now.

(Please note, we do not collect any commission when you purchase via our link. This is our service to you since we can’t provide you with a fun escape room game experience.)

Deals & Activities

Amazon Prime is celebrating World Book Day by offering nine free Kindle books from around the world through Amazon Crossing. Hurry because books are available to download now through April 24th.

Jane has this Flow Kids Book of Paper Love for just $14.99 and only $0.99 for shipping.

The Money Saving Mom (one of our most favorite bloggers) has some crazy good deals on craft kids for girls.

Audible is offering free stories to kids and teens. Check out their library of free books.

Walmart has this Sharpie Deep Sea Color Collection Coloring Kit for $23.30 and free shipping.

Play an escape room board game. We recommend ThinkFun Escape the Room Star Gazer’s Manor.

Learn how to deal with a world wide infection by playing the board game Pandemic. Qualifies for free shipping at Target.

Jigsaw giant Ravensburger just launched a digital jigsaw game where you can build puzzles on your desktop by yourself or with other players.

Ravensburger also has apps for iPhone and iPad users that will challenge your critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Watch Disney’s newest parade here.

Take a Disney free online drawing class and learn how to draw your favorite Disney character.



We’d be re-miss not to recommend some digital escape room game apps for Android and Apple devices.

Can You Escape 

Apple | Android

You Must Escape

Apple | Android

100 Doors Remix

Apple | Android

Get Outdoors

Gather some rocks and paint rainbows on them or write some inspirational words. Then take a walk or ride your bikes to distribute them in strategic places on your path.

Struggling with helping your kid with their online learning? Click on the button below for some great resources for home schooling.

Home Schooling Resources








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