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Escape room computer games have been around for decades. Have you ever played an escape room computer game? If not, then I encourage you to try one to get an idea how to play a real live escape room. The on-line games are very popular because they hook you into the game right at the beginning. The on-line games start off with the same premise–you’re trapped–in a bird cage, attic, prison, or haunted house.  In fact, live escape games are spin-offs of the on-line computer games.

There are a ton of escape room computer games to play, such as the Samsara Room, The Dark Room, Escaping the Prison, and Escape from 26. The video below shows a walk-through for The Crimson Room, which was released 10 years ago. The sequel to The Crimson Room was just released in June 2016. To learn more about this fun game, click here.

In the on-line escape the room games, you point and click on objects in the room to find items. When you find items, you add them to your inventory. Clues lead players to use the items in their inventory that help them to escape such as putting different items together. For example, players know they’re on the right track when the two items fuse into a new renamed item.

The first 3D on-line escape game was called Myst. It was released in 1993 and played by using a CD-Rom. Remember those? Myst was a hit with kids and adults and was the first escape game to use a story line. It became the bestselling PC game throughout the 1990s.

So why was this game so popular? Video game reviewers surmised that the players felt immersed in the story line which motivated them to keep playing until the hero could be released from the island of Myst. The on-line escape room game industry is still going strong today. Myst is still available to play on your smart devices from Google and Apple.

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The fun of solving puzzles is timeless, and so are adventure games. Escape Room Games Missouri City/Sugar Land understands that people want more immersive entertainment venues. People want to “play” in a live adventure in the real world.

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Escape Room Games

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