Online Learning During the COVID-19 Crisis

Navigating Online Learning During the Covid-19 Crisis

With less than two months left of the 2019/2020 school year, local school districts finally implemented online learning during the COVID-19 crisis. It was a week of challenges. Server platforms crashed and kids were upset because they wanted to see their teachers and classmates.

It actually was a bit of a crisis to sync the technology with the learning at the district level. Parents are handling a bit of a crisis themselves–trying to make a home schooling schedule for their kids and a work-from-home schedule for themselves.

And let’s not forget that there are teenagers that will not take Zoom Teaching seriously.  The limits of a Zoom class became clear when my 11th grader told me of a student that recorded himself sitting at their desk, and then playing that video as their virtual background for a subsequent class.

Then there is Zoombombing where a student can post an offensive photo or meme during the live call because the presenter didn’t turn-off screen sharing. It just goes to show you that teens and computer hackers have too much time on their hands–literally and figuratively.

Everyone has to adapt to “the new normal,” of online learning for the 2nd semester of school. Learning will be different depending on the age of the student. Parents will be expected to supervise their kids online assignments and Zoom lectures. We recommend that you stay in contact with your kids teachers on a weekly basis. Just remember you’re not alone–even though it feels like it.

Read on for a list of resources to  make the transition to home schooling easier.

Online Learning Resources

As we navigate the uncharted waters of online learning during the COVID-19 crisis, here are some free home schooling resources that are worth check out.

The Texas Home SchoolCoalition established a new website providing families with tips and ideas about how to successfully educate at home.

Prodigy Math covers every major math topic from 1st to 8th grade.

TEDEd has tons of lessons on all school subjects. Check them out here.

Check out Homeschool Mastery Academy’s blog posts for lots of actionable ideas for the new homeschool mom.

If you are a Netflix subscriber, they have a science streaming show called Brainchild that is fun for the entire family. 

Easy Peasy is a free online Christian k-12 home school curriculum.


Expect things to be a bit crazy and frustrating as you navigate online learning for your child. Build flexibility in your daily routine. Lower your expectations in order to avoid burnout. Give yourself grace.

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