Red Herrings in Escape Rooms

What is a red herring in an escape room game?⁣

If you’ve played an escape room game, then chances are you have encountered “red herrings” during game play. They can be very time consuming and frustrating. ⁣Especially to first time escape room players because it’s hard to distinguish what is important and unimportant.

Red herrings are any kind of objects in the room that players may think is a puzzle or a clue. Examples of red herrings are:

  • Fake Puzzle: This type of puzzle when solved will give you a combination that doesn’t open any lock in the room or might be a cipher that states “you should work on something different.”
  • Ghost puzzle:  Any props, writing, or other markings that are left over from a broken or removed puzzle. It also could be leftover by mistake when an escape room is changed to a new room.
  • Irrelevant object: Anything in the room that can be interpreted as a puzzle or clue such as books, a Knight’s Armor, pictures, or clothing. We played an escape room that was designed to look like Tesla’s Laboratory. There were just too many items that could be construed as clues or puzzles. It looked more like a flea market.
  • A key that doesn’t open any lock.
  • Any text or images that look like they are puzzles, but in fact are not part of the game at all.

What are NOT red herrings in escape room games? ⁣

Decorations and props that are part of the room decor are not red herrings.  Here are a few examples:

  • Baker Street  has artwork and books that depict the Victorian era of the late 1800s. Our players quickly discern that some of the artwork is not part of the game.
  • Through the Looking Glass is decorated to look like a garden party. So there are plants and items hanging on the ceiling and wall that are not puzzles.
  • Quest for the Throne does have a knight’s armor. It’s not part of the game, but is a cool prop.

At Escape Room Games Missouri City/Sugar Land, we strive to provide you with a fun and memorable experience possible–and that means zero red herrings.  And if you’re not sure if something is a red herring? Just ask your Game Master.

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